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The Three Pillars of Retail Success

We all know by now that 2016 was the Year of Promotions for retailers, which drastically impacted their bottom line. As we found in DynamicAction’s Retail Index: Year in Review and 2017 Outlook, 44% of all online purchases in 2016 were bought using a promotion in North America alone. Retailers and brands cannot afford another […]

Promotions and Returns on the Rise. What Now, Retail?

Our SVP of Global Marketing, Sarah Engel, met with industry thought leader and former Managing Editor of Multichannel Merchant, Tim Parry, during National Retail Federation – The Big Show to talk about omnichannel retail. Illustrating the findings of our DynamicAction Retail Index 2016: Year-in-Review and 2017 Outlook, Engel explains in a recent podcast with Parry […]

Find us at Shoptalk 2017

DynamicAction launches One View for Omnichannel: Connecting Customer, Product & Profit Data and Decisions Across Stores, Digital, Mobile Retail executives are faced with one of the toughest challenges in the industry’s history — creating the optimal customer experience at each touchpoint, while growing profitably across every channel. They are often attempting to do so with […]

What Lies Ahead For Retail in 2017: A Discussion on Discounting, Amazon and Personalization

As we all know, retail is ever-evolving and typically at the forefront of groundbreaking technological advances and implementations. Recently we broke bread with some of the most influential brands and brains behind retail to discuss technology innovations, trends, consumer expectations, combating the Amazon-machine and how retailers are wrapping all of these together to create amazing […]

Forrester Report: Retail Moves from Seasonal to Continuous Planning

Fast-fashion retailers are having significant effects on the industry, particularly when it comes to planning and forecasting. Currently, we find retailers moving away from traditional season-based planning to year-round planning. However, it seems several retailers find themselves at a fork in the road, where they can choose to continue down the path of season-based planning […]

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