(DynamicAction) gives us the centerpiece, based in fact, of where we should focus. The kinds of things we need to do to increase profit or increase sales. We always come out of meetings with a very clear “here is what we’re going to go do about it.” And I find that super valuable.

Kevin Ertell, former SVP Digital


Our customers have a few things in common: They are leaders in their categories, have extremely complex businesses and are facing intense competitive environments. Most importantly, they have visionary leaders who understand that reports, dashboards, and one-size-fits all analytics are simply no longer enough to be successful. You see them quoted in the press and headlining industry conferences for a reason. They are leading the retail merchandising revolution and will be the ones who beat their digital business plan and stay ahead of customer expectations. They are they ones that lean forward to make better decisions and take fast action on their cross-organizational and cross-channel data.

Case Studies