Built by Retail Data Scientists. For Merchandising Experts.

Summarize Your Business

How are we performing?

All of the data vital to understanding the health of your merchandising operation is in one place. One, convenient, connected, single source of the truth to drive faster, more profitable decisions.

Identify Issues

What is worth our attention?

Your data is connected, filtered, distributed and ranked to identify and alert you to the merchandising opportunities on which to focus.

The amount of insight DynamicAction presented was beyond any other tool I’ve used to date. It correctly addressed the major pain points that we have at Brooks Brothers… Gave us insight into products with potential for further growth.

VP Direct, Brooks Brothers

Prioritize Opportunities

Where do we need to focus?

DynamicAction recommends actions and predicts practical profit and revenue improvement should the suggested action be taken. The result? A prioritized set of opportunities.


How do we collaborate?

Some actions require involvement outside of merchandising. Task creation, assignment, scheduling, alerts, commentary and activity trails ensure work is coordinated and plans stay on schedule.

Take Action

What actions did we take?

Users log actions taken to communicate them with colleagues, to identify impact on other actions and to allow the system to learn which actions are practical and which drive the most actual return.

Analyze Data

How do we go deeper?

DynamicAction is not a black box. The system is designed to provide the transparency that merchandising teams require to act confidently and make difficult trade-off decisions.