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24 Questions Every Retailer Should Be Able to Answer

Listed below are 24 questions around inventory, returns, marketing and warehousing that your organization should be asking to succeed in 2017. With DynamicAction, your team will be able to answer questions like these, as well as understand the interconnection of each data point and decision. Next Step: Finding Answers DynamicAction puts connected data, instant insights and prescribed action [...]

The 2017 Merchandising Manual

–Understand how to perfect the art of merchandising, while embracing the science –Learn which metrics are newly important to focus on and how to get them –Predict the questions top executives will be asking, and be prepared with solid, data-backed answers. –Download our guide with the information merchants need to be successful in 2017.

The 2017 Retail Executive Playbook

Every retail operation already generates the data needed to make decisions that deliver the most value for the consumer and most profit to the business. But can your teams access it fast enough, when decisions must be made on a day-by-day, or even minute-by-minute basis? Read our 2017 Retail Executive Playbook for new strategies to make the most of your opportunities.

Case Study: Revenue and Profit Lift

During the 35- and 52-week periods studied, four fashion and accessories retailing teams (three based in the U.S. and one in the U.K) acted to execute on product/action combinations as prescribed by DynamicAction. The impact on revenue and profit was carefully measured. In total, the four retailers studied averaged a 4.6% incremental increase in revenue through enabling DynamicAction. [...]

Infographic: DynamicAction Retail Index- Fall 2016

As retailers head into the critical holiday shopping season, they continue to rely too heavily on their promotional calendars, with an 85% increase globally in the percent of orders using a promotion YoY (Jan.-Sept. 2016 vs. 2015). These are among the findings from the new DynamicAction Retail Index: Fall 2016, an analysis of more than $8.7 Billion in consumer transactions, accounting for [...]

Case Study: International Retailer

The trading manager used this information to advocate for additional marketing and promotions, such as discounted expedited shipping and marketing for products that most often shipped quickly to ensure payment collection occurred in the time-frame needed to make plan.

The 5 critical connections to improve return on ad spend

Nearly every marketer looks at the return on ad spend (ROAS) of their campaigns as the overall barometer for success. However, there are some unexpected factors behind why your ROAS may be lower than expected. These five critical connections are just as important in ensuring the success and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.