What is DynamicAction?

DynamicAction is the most advanced retail analytics solution specifically built to enable eCommerce, store and omnichannel teams to take action at the speed of Amazon.

Leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan declared that, “DynamicAction has Moneyballed retail. There’s a new way to run retail organizations—with a clear understanding of data and immediate actions to improve performance.”

Retail Analytics with Powerful reporting and Profitable action.

Rather than spending days collecting information and trying to understand what happened last week, DynamicAction retail analytics offers an immediate and comprehensive summary so that your digital and omnichannel merchandising teams can materially impact the business by taking confident, connected actions faster.


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Insights from the stage in Stockholm

For over two decades, SIME has been a destination for leaders fascinated with digital transformation.  

Context - Why it Matters in Customer Lifetime Value

By: Michael Patterson, DynamicAction's Managing Director, EMEA

For retailers, it is clear that a keen grasp of the evolving wants and needs of [...]

Prime Day acts as early warning for post-Christmas ‘Retail Vortex’ in Europe

With promotions up 31% and average order discount increase of 43%, DynamicAction’s Retail Index identifies the need for retailers to heed lessons [...]

Prime Day acts as early warning for post-holiday ‘Retail Vortex’ in North America

With promotions up 18% and average order discount increase of 71%, DynamicAction’s Retail Index identifies the need for retailers to heed lessons [...]

The Washington Post: ‘Retail Vortex’ - How deepening discounts and thinning profit margins could take their toll this holiday season

The “retail apocalypse” has become a blanket phrase for the industry’s woes, which so far have resulted in more than 50 bankruptcies and 21,000 [...]

WWD: Thanks to Amazon, Data Points to Return of the ‘Retail Vortex’

DynamicAction's report reveals the lasting impact of Amazon PrimeDay on holiday sales.

Financial Times: 3 Critical Takeaways from FT's 4th Annual Future of Retail Summit

This year’s FT Future of Retail Summit focused on turning disruption into growth – a mantra that clearly reflects the industry's constantly [...]

Forrester recommends the DynamicAction solution ahead of Holiday 2019

Forrester VP Principal Analyst, George Lawrie, names DynamicAction as a sophisticated analytics solution to ensure success leading into the [...]

Financial Times: 4th Annual Future of Retail Summit

As the impact of new technologies and changing consumer expectations continue to ricochet through retail's ecosystem, the Financial Times: Future [...]

BoF: Returns Fraud and How Retailers Are Fighting Back

Editor, Rachel Deeley, tapped DynamicAction CEO, John Squire, for his insight inspired by the DynamicAction Retail Index for her piece, The Rise [...]

CASE STUDY: Heine Uncovers More Than €4.5M Potential Gross Revenue Per Year And Improves Operational Efficiency With DynamicAction

With over 22K products and over 200K SKUs, operational efficiency is of paramount importance. Even with very efficient management, Heine [...]

WWD: Impact of Post-Holiday ‘Retail Vortex’

Women’s Wear Daily covers the frightening phenomenon which occurs post-Christmas through the early in the new year that we have coined, the [...]

The EMEA 2019 YTD Retail Index+ Peak & Seasonal Recommendations is here!

The 2019 Retail Index Year-to-Date for EMEA demonstrates that while retailers are  pushing harder and investing more into strategies that [...]


The retail industry has been turned on its head in today’s digitally enabled, omnichannel world. High-street names such as Debenhams, LK Bennett [...]

Retail Week: Analysis - How can Topshop conquer online?

Online retail continues to transform consumer shopping habits, and, as a consequence, profoundly impacts traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.  [...]

The 2018 - 2019 Retail Vortex

The Retail Vortex is a post-holiday phenomenon where fewer new customers, higher marketing costs, increased returns and a rise in inventory create [...]

Executive Playbook

Your retail team's experience, intuition, judgement and empathy remains critical to many core business decisions. However, there are many decisions [...]

5 Things to Consider Before Depending on Business Intelligence Tools for Retail

Given my background in site merchandising and digital analytics, as I cross paths with retail industry executives, I seek to understand how they are [...]