2018 Retail Executive Playbook

Download the 2018 Retail Executive Playbook for a comprehensive guide to modern decision-making and retail science.

Your retail team’s experience, intuition, judgement and empathy remains critical to many core business decisions.

However, there are many decisions about a retail business that are taken on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, or minute-by-minute basis that need a completely new approach. Retailers must have connected data and sophisticated technology to prescribe actions where the most value can be delivered for the consumer and most profit to the business.

Is your team reaping the most benefit from any given decision?

Understand the new decision framework and award-winning innovation that empowers data-driven retailers to interpret complex data, problem-solve and identify profitable action plans in real-time.

Download the Executive Playbook for updated strategies and 24 New Approach Questions.

“Data is the new oil—it needs to be extracted, processed and refined to be turned into something useful.”

Dr. Andreas Weigend
Former Chief Scientist at Amazon.com and DynamicAction Advisor

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