Are you in the "Relationshop" Business?

With our team across the pond, Brendan Jones - Sales Director for EMEA, shared a LinkedIn post from Mary Portas, Founder & Chief Creative Officer for[...]

It's not what you sell, it's what you stand for...

From our VP of Product & Development, Mike Niemann, a Texas-sized message on keeping it customer centric. I like to listen while I run which led me[...]

Embracing the Change - Taking the Opportunity by the Horns: COVID-19

Ann Dale, our VP of Sales, North America, found inspiration in a video featuring Simon Sinek, "These Are Not Unprecedented Times". 

Finding Opportunities Through Turbulent Decline

While it is today’s reality, continuing to operate during this moment of turbulent decline is epically complex and leaves retailers with more[...]

Navigating the New Non-Normal

By John Squire, CEO, DynamicAction We are in unprecedented and troubling times.  Each passing day brings new developments of COVID-19 that are[...]