The DynamicAction Way

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Create an agile, forward-looking operating mindset for your retail organization



Efficiently address omnichannel complexities to profitably compete



Center your meetings on reliable metrics that prioritize and specify decisive, profitable actions

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  • Daily read on the distinct drivers of the business

  • New questions and high-impact discussions

  • Deep diagnostic of lifetime customer behavior


  • Increase productivity with easily assessible, accurate and profit-prioritized analysis

  • Increase efficiency and speed to action with prescriptive action

  • Identify metric gaps to supr timely course correction


  • Trusted data set that spurs immediate results from data lake investments, plus new discussion, exploration, and action

  • Detailed account of the data sources flowing into the platform

  • Prioritization of field, attribute, and logic enhancements

  • Automation rules in last-mile systems

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