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"From the action impact overview on price adjustments we found great potential in cost-savings and time-efficient stock clearance during sale periods by during a sale follow-up identifying where we actually lost selling due to too high discounts and where we could have invested the costs more profitably. What we can use going forward is to be more cost efficient and profitable from the beginning when setting sale prices on product type level, due to the functionality and possibility to categorize the action impact on price changes on product types and to follow-up on that. Potentially, if we had the same information elsewhere, it would have taken much longer time-wise."

eCommerce Merchandiser
Major Global Fashion Brand

“We often see our data as ‘wow this is great data, we should be getting great insights from this' -and with DynamicAction, we now pull that data together to have both consolidated data and the insightsto actually do something about it.”

Chief Digital Officer
North American Fashion Brand

"Successfully picked an Omni Father’s Day deal using the Omni view. This included picking 10 Omni articles to place a 25% discount on during a 2 week Father’s Day period. Using DynamicAction I was able to filter down and pick 10 articles that were both heavy stocked and had high weeks in stock in both channels. The process was significantly quicker than my previous way of doing it (emailing back and forth to my storeside merch until we came to agreement). Using DynamicAction I was able to pick the products within an hour and then all I had to do was email my storeside merch for confirmation she was happy with the products. 3-4 day task took less than a day."

eCommerce Merchandiser
Major Global Fashion Brand

“Dynamic Action is not something we had planned or budgeted for, but we quickly shifted gears when we understood that it is not just another big data or analytics player, but has the ability to make our data truly actionableand provide specific direction for increased profitability.”

Vice President of eCommerce
Speciality Home Goods Retailer

"Dynamic Action has played a pivotal role in providing insights into our customers and products. Allowing me to create marketing campaigns backed up with wealth of data from our web and stores. I hadn't grasped the depth of data and insights this tool contains on our customers and on our products until our in-depth trainings sessions with our account manager. She has been very hands-on with training us in groups and individually, so we can fully understand and utilise the tool. This has been very useful and important in preparing us for the festive season. This is the biggest and most competitive period, and I feel confident and prepared for it with the help of our account manager and Dynamic Action."

Paid Social Specialist
Luxury European Retailer Designation

"Dynamic Action has given us for the first time a clear, granular, repeatable view of profitability across the business. Whereas reports on margin and profit were conducted at most once a week on a very narrow scale, we can now review these metrics daily and which has revealed low hanging fruit - the best example being the margin of our German business. We knew Germany was struggling but it was a small slice of our business, so the required analysis was quite low priority. However - booting up DNA immediately revealed that a handful of products priced for DE were causing a margin leak and it was fixed in a matter of hours."

Global Optical Retailer

“The amount of insight presented was beyond any other tool I’ve used to date. It correctly addressed the major pain points, primarily views availability. It also gave us insight into products with potential for future growth.”

Vice President of Direct to Consumer
Mens Fashion Brand

“Overstocks plague every retailing enterprise and alone represent $472B total revenue lost annually. Our partnership with DynamicActionhas yielded nearly 15 times return on investment. This solution embodies the art of the possible, blended with the science of technology to deliver one version of the truth.”

Executive Vice President of eCommerce
North American Shoe Brand

“DynamicAction eliminated the need for a lot of the steps that we were taking and make sure we are actually thinking about the most important data, driving the most important insights, and the prioritizing the most powerful profit actions as a result of it. It makes it almost idiot proof for us to be successful with data.”

Executive Vice President of Direct and Omni-Channel
Mens Fashion Brand

“Having DynamicAction is like having an additional 140 hours of analytics and reporting work that your team doesn't have to address each week. Rather than skimming through numbers and looking for the 'a-ha,' we could just get straight to action.”

Vice President of Direct to Consumer
Mens Fashion Retailer

“Using DynamicAction was like walking into a dark room with a very bright torch.”

Vice President of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
Mens Fashion Retailer