6 Ways to Optimize Marketing Automation and Boost Retail Profit While You Sleep

6 Ways to Optimize Marketing Automation and Boost Retail Profit While You Sleep

You’ve created, tweaked, tested and perfected. You segment, personalize, target, retarget, measure and repeat. There is always more you could do, but you have to sleep sometime. Now, optimize marketing automation processes that the workaholic inside you has only dreamed about.

Here are the top 6 profit-driving retail marketing automations you should consider:

1. Identify the most profitable products and product combinations to include in promotional emails.

2. Promote first-purchase brands that lead to High Value/High Lifetime Profit customers.

3. Reduce product recommendation and/or personalization exposure for products with low profit-per-view, high return rates, low SKU Availability, or low stock cover. Generate higher profit from digital real estate.

4. Restrict promotions to unprofitable customers (those who have high return rates and/or negative net profit).

5. Pause digital campaigns that promote products that are out of stock, highly fragmented, poorly reviewed, frequently returned or likely to sell through without additional exposure.

6. Adjust site search and sort order for high converting, high profit-per-view products that aren’t getting enough exposure to provide additional views.

Marketing Automation and DynamicAction

With advanced retail analytics software like DynamicAction, paid search, promotions, digital content, display, email, affiliate programs, pricing, inventory and many other retailing platforms will simply perform better, faster and without additional effort from your teams. With easy access to connected, actionable data, you can quickly understand who your VIP customers are, how they shop and take actions to retain them.

Learn more about how DynamicAction could improve your marketing automation—and overall retail profit—by optimizing every part of your retail organization.