The Retailer's Complete Guide to Customer Centricity

The Retailer's Complete Guide to Customer Centricity

For ambitious leaders committed to customer-centricity and retail transformation, the data, metrics and insight that maximize profitability per customer within every channel are no longer a luxury — they’re a necessity. Forward-thinking retailers understand that everything is different in the customer-driven, data-rich, digitally-enabled world. Discover real-life insight and examples of how these retailers are transforming profitably and leveraging fast analysis on their customers to inform every decision and action they take.

In our new Customer Centricity eBook you’ll discover:

  • Which data is essential for successful customer-centric transformation
  • The new metrics critical to maximizing customer profitability
  • Insight into increasing customer lifetime value
  • Learn how acquisition, experience, conversion and retention metrics, decisions and actions should be viewed through the lens of customer profitability.

Written by retailers, for retailers — download the ebook for details on how to use existing data to achieve a customer-centric transformation and improve profitability. 

“Prior to using DynamicAction, we would rely on one or two staff members to collate data from various pools and then have to wait on analysis to identify new customer acquisition opportunities or concerns. Using DynamicAction ensures our whole team understands our performance and what new customers are actually buying.”

- Senior Digital Trading Manager, UK-Based Luxury Brand