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The Smart Retail Data Lake


Most retailers today have a data lake that they are pumping a variety of data streams into constantly. Unfortunately, many retail brands find themselves continually allocating resources to handle the quality and timeliness of the data pipelines —and they don't see an end in sight. But without constant attention, applications and their data science-dependent work streams are unable to operate as planned.

Many retail brands are looking for ways to get more value from their data lake without relentlessly needing to put a equal amount of effort into it. They are concerned about: 

  • Constantly conditioning the growing data lake
  • Dependably delivering clean, high fidelity data to technology partners
  • Identifying upstream system failures
  • Restarting, reprocessing and re-posting erroneous and missing data 
  • Being prepared for future data needs (partner, AI initiatives, migrations...)

DynamicAction's Smart Retail Data Lake is specifically designed and delivered to help retail brands solve these problems and assure their organization is able to:

  • Get immediate tangible business insights and results from the data lake investment
  • Hold in check the cost of cleaning, configuring, keying, and standardizing streams to achieve a clean, robust and extensible data lake
  • Provide a clean, high fidelity, connected, fully administered data structure that tech partners can depend on continuously
  • Side-step costly and hard to detect system failures that can contaminate the data lake and send poor quality data to downstream systems
  • Leverage atomic and aggregated data sets to calculate key metrics and business critical insights at the heart of retail that not only answer today’s challenging questions, but are predictive of the future

If you're interested in learning more about how DynamicAction delivers clean, keyed, and indexed data primed for retailers specific needs directly into your data lake, please contact us.