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Announcing DynamicView - Accelerated Digital Merchandising for Retailers; Immediately Driving Revenue & Identifying the Most Profitable Actions in Pricing, Promotions & Offers


July 23, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--DynamicAction announces the newest product of its Retail Analytics Program, DynamicView. DynamicAction first disrupted the retail industry with the introduction of the DynamicAction Retail Analytics Platform, empowering retailers to make decisions with the speed of Amazon. DynamicView extends this mission, equipping Retailers’ merchandisers, planners and marketers to efficiently optimize product performance on their digital platforms. DynamicView’s intuitive browser overlay places critical data analytics on Retailers’ websites, enabling and quantifying profitable action from day one.

“Retail executives today are looking for a quick, intuitive, and easy way for their teams to make agile decisions that are backed by metrics instead of making gut decisions based on rows of data and endless graphs,” said John Squire, CEO, DynamicAction. “All too often retailers share that their teams are slowed down by the quagmire of running, analyzing, and re-running static reports in their BI tool. With DynamicView, retailers browse their ecommerce site and have the critical metrics and analytics to run the business overlaid on their products, immediately seeing where to take action to deliver more revenue, profit and value for their business.”

Solving the Retail Merchandising Dilemma
The international health crisis has increased the importance of the ecommerce channel for every retailer.

The release of DynamicAction’s DynamicView solves key issues hindering retailers today by:

  • Inventory Management – how to increase demand and profit across all product lines in inventory and alerting when a hot seller needs to be restocked and slow-moving products need to be addressed today
  • Pricing Management – whether and when to markdown or raise the price of items
  • Site Management – what products sell well with each other? What products need to be boosted or buried?

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