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It's not what you sell, it's what you stand for...


From our VP of Product & Development, Mike Niemann, a Texas-sized message on keeping it customer centric.

I like to listen while I run which led me to Jeff Ward’s recent interview of a true Texas icon and advertising legend Roy Spence. Roy has awesome stories about working with the biggest brands on very memorable ad campaigns (does ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ ring a bell?).  

Roy mentions being ‘purpose-driven’ which I feel will become imperative in this post COVID-19 world and retailers must become customerkeepers over shopkeepers. He highlights Lowe’s corporate purpose to ‘Help People Love Where They Live’ as an example. By doing this, surely Lowe’s makes decisions with true customer centricity.

The interview also opens with a great personal perspective as well. Roy states ‘whenever you get tired, depressed or feeling sorry for yourself, put your problems in a pile with everyone else’s – and you’ll take yours back’.

I’ve made Roy’s “Lesson #33” a #silverlining rule I’ll try to remember.