Medium: What the Startup Scene Tells Us About Retail

Medium: What the Startup Scene Tells Us About Retail

Medium logo for article featuring DynamicActionDynamicAction's CEO and Co-Founder John Squire was interviewed in an article on Medium, which featured the three finalists for National Retail Federation's Digital Commerce Start-Up of the Year award.

"When speaking with friends and colleagues outside the industry, you merely need to ask if they have shopped on Amazon, and why. That gives you a basis for their expectations as a consumer, and a starting point for explaining how incredibly complex it is for other retailers — with hundreds of physical stores, who sell online and on mobile — to earn a customer’s business, to do so repeatedly and, most importantly, to do so profitably. We help retailers do just that — connect their entire organization (their data, their technology stack and their decision making) — in order to understand, decide and act at the speed of Amazon.

Our advanced analytics system amplifies the efforts and actions of their greatest experts to make their best people better, their smartest decisions faster, their customer understanding more powerful and their business more profitable.

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