2020: Creativity, Innovation, Excellent Execution & Courage for a Winning Strategy

There are three fundamental mantras that will fuel growth, drive profitability and nurture stronger relationships with consumers for 2020 and beyond.

What's in Store for the Decade Ahead: 2020 Predictions

As we take a look back at the last ten years in the industry, retailers have attempted to keep pace with digital disruptors and evolving customer[...]

New Retail Metrics Lead to Fewer Sweeping Promotions and More Control of Profit

Most retail reporting focuses on metrics that describe what’s already happened (outcome metrics such as revenue) and others that offer some[...]

Cyber Week 2019 - Sales Boom, Profits Decline

The DynamicAction Data Science Team has released its analysis of Cyber Week 2019. The study compares Nov. 18 - Dec 1, 2018 to Nov. 24 - Dec. 7, 2019.

WWD: As Cyber Sales Boom, Profits Decline

Women’s Wear Daily’s Executive Editor,  Arthur Zaczkiewicz exclusively sited DynamicAction's analysis of the Retail Vortex in his recent article. 

Financial Times: Buying vs Shopping How Retail will be transformed by 2050

Financial Times editor Jonathan Eley tapped or co-founder and chief scientist, Michael Ross, for his insight around the consumers of 2050 and how,[...]

Bloomberg: Retail Created the Armchair Shopper and Now it Wishes It Hadn't

We recently connected with Bloomberg Senior Reporter, Matthew Boyle for his piece, Retail Created the Armchair Shopper and Now It Wishes It Hadn’t.[...]

Internet Retailing: What can our ‘nation of shopkeepers’ teach global retailers?

Our Managing Director of EMEA, Michael Patterson, recently penned a byline for Internet Retailing’s nearly half a million readers. 

Insights from the stage in Stockholm

For over two decades, SIME has been a destination for leaders fascinated with digital transformation.  

Context - Why it Matters in Customer Lifetime Value

By: Michael Patterson, DynamicAction's Managing Director, EMEA For retailers, it is clear that a keen grasp of the evolving wants and needs of those[...]

RIS News: “Retail Vortex” Crucial Strategies for the Holiday Shopping Season

There is a strengthening yearly pattern that is often overlooked when planning holiday strategies – the post-holiday consumer phenomena that[...]

Prime Day acts as early warning for post-Christmas ‘Retail Vortex’ in Europe

With promotions up 31% and average order discount increase of 43%, DynamicAction’s Retail Index identifies the need for retailers to heed lessons[...]