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Are you in the "Relationshop" Business?


With our team across the pond, Brendan Jones - Sales Director for EMEA, shared a LinkedIn post from Mary Portas, Founder & Chief Creative Officer for Portas about the future for Retail.

To quote Mary: 'We know that brilliant retail is driven by relationships, not inventory. And success comes from harnessing the power of community. This is about finding your people, sharing values, and a combined purpose in a way that transcends geography. It’s about serving an existing local community and emotively creating a new sense of community that exists beyond bricks and mortar. This is the time to take note of the small, nimble, and innovative brands, the brands that are building powerful communities and looking beyond their core offer to deliver meaningful value. Because we’re all in the ‘relationshop’ business now'.

I found this new perspective of "relationshop" especially interesting and should gather momentum. We are all feeling a need for more connection and community with the quarantine in place, and this extends to who we shop with. This could be just the #silverlining that our retailers and brands need to focus on as they get back to being open.