What Lies Ahead For Retail in 2017: A Discussion on Discounting, Amazon and Personalization

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It’s a Wrap-Up: A Collection Of DynamicAction’s Must Read Musings We Didn’t Want You to Miss

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The Herald: Action stations as Hunter puts faith in data as the future of retail sales

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It’s A Wrap-Up: A Collection Of Dynamicaction’s Must Read Musings We Didn’t Want You To Miss

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It’s a Wrap-Up: A Collection of DynamicAction’s Must Read Musings We Didn’t Want You to Miss

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Two Retail Giants and the IWWIWWIWI Shoppers

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It’s A Wrap-Up: A Collection Of DynamicAction’s Must Read Musing We Didn’t Want You To Miss

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Delivery Droids, Chinese e-Commerce, Social and more

Peering into the Crystal Ball: An Expert Panel on the Future of Retail

What does the future hold for the retail industry?

The End of the Luxury Debate: Amazon’s Omnipresence in Online Retail

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STORES Magazine: What does Amazon Prime Day mean for retailers?

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Amazon - a lesson in frugality

By Eric Fergusson