New Retail Metrics Lead to Fewer Sweeping Promotions and More Control of Profit

Most retail reporting focuses on metrics that describe what’s already happened (outcome metrics such as revenue) and others that offer some[...]

Cyber Week 2019 - Sales Boom, Profits Decline

The DynamicAction Data Science Team has released its analysis of Cyber Week 2019. The study compares Nov. 18 - Dec 1, 2018 to Nov. 24 - Dec. 7, 2019.

CASE STUDY: Heine Uncovers More Than €4.5M Potential Gross Revenue Per Year And Improves Operational Efficiency With DynamicAction

With over 22K products and over 200K SKUs, operational efficiency is of paramount importance. Even with very efficient management, Heine understands[...]

The EMEA 2019 YTD Retail Index+ Peak & Seasonal Recommendations is here!

The 2019 Retail Index Year-to-Date for EMEA demonstrates that while retailers are  pushing harder and investing more into strategies that emphasize[...]

The North America 2019 YTD Retail Index is here!

The 2019 YTD Retail Index and Holiday Recommendations Guide for North America identifies prevailing trends impacting retail performance and[...]

The 2018 - 2019 Retail Vortex

The Retail Vortex is a post-holiday phenomenon where fewer new customers, higher marketing costs, increased returns and a rise in inventory create a[...]

Executive Playbook

Your retail team's experience, intuition, judgement and empathy remains critical to many core business decisions. However, there are many decisions[...]

White Paper: How Amazon Does Data — And What You Can Learn From It


Retail Index:  Spring 2019

To stay relevant and protect profit margins, it is imperative for retailers to act at pace, constantly strive to understand the most addictive[...]

The DynamicAction Retail Index: 2018 Year-in-Review and 2019 Outlook

An analysis of $5.7 billion in consumer transactions that identifies critical YoY retail trends in North America and highlights vital profit[...]

CASE STUDY: International retailer delivers profitable customer experiences based on data-driven decisions

An international retailer products that support outdoor enthusiasts across the globe developed a transformative vision: Deliver more profitable[...]

The Retailer's Complete Guide to Customer Centricity

For ambitious leaders committed to customer-centricity and retail transformation, the data, metrics and insight that maximize profitability per[...]