CASE STUDY: Miles Kimball is propelling its omnichannel organization into the digital era

Catalyzing a clear focus through a fresh, digitized-lens, the DynamicAction system and the DynamicAction Customer Success team enabled Miles[...]

The Merchandising Manual

Retail has evolved, which means your merchandising practices should too.

Retail Analytics Comparison

Retail analytics comparison is a more difficult job than it first appears. There are vast differences in solutions that are descriptive, versus[...]

CASE STUDY: DXL's Journey to Customer-Centric and Digital-First Transformation

To grow sales and profit, DXL knew it needed to shift to a customer-centric environment and develop a deep understanding of which customers,[...]

24 Questions Every Retailer Should Be Able to Answer

To succeed in 2018, every retailer should be asking these questions around inventory, returns, marketing, warehousing, pricing and customers. With[...]

CASE STUDY: Specialty retailer identifies $2.3 million in sales opportunity

Though the retailer could find places where they were spending resources and not getting results, it was difficult for them to identify areas where[...]

Retail Index:  2017 Year in Review and Insights for 2018

With only a few days left in the holiday shopping season, it’s time for retailers to analyze the lessons from 2017 and prepare for 2018.[...]

CASE STUDY: International Retailer Acts on Slow-Moving Stock

DynamicAction spurs a $19,000 increase in revenue for a single category by enabling quick action on slow moving stock, with a potential $280,000[...]

CASE STUDY: Fashion Retailers Achieve Revenue and Profit Lift

During the 35- and 52-week periods studied, four fashion and accessories retailing teams (three based in the U.S. and one in the U.K) acted to[...]

Learning from Amazon’s Operating Model — Engineering a Customer-Centric Transformation

Now more than ever, retailers that wish to stay competitive must develop an Amazon strategy and discover the mindset behind Amazon's operating model.[...]

DynamicAction Retail Index Spring 2017 Trends

As shown in our latest Retail Index, we are currently witnessing the retail industry undergo a total transformation, and those who are not evolving[...]

Infographic: DynamicAction Retail Index 2016 Year-in-Review and 2017 Outlook

Download the infographic here.