The 2018 - 2019 Retail Vortex

The Retail Vortex is a post-holiday phenomenon where fewer new customers, higher marketing costs, increased returns and a rise in inventory create a[...]

Retail Index:  Spring 2019

To stay relevant and protect profit margins, it is imperative for retailers to act at pace, constantly strive to understand the most addictive[...]

The DynamicAction Retail Index: 2018 Year-in-Review and 2019 Outlook

An analysis of $5.7 billion in consumer transactions that identifies critical YoY retail trends in North America and highlights vital profit[...]

Retail Index:  2017 Year in Review and Insights for 2018

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DynamicAction Retail Index Spring 2017 Trends

As shown in our latest Retail Index, we are currently witnessing the retail industry undergo a total transformation, and those who are not evolving[...]

Infographic: DynamicAction Retail Index 2016 Year-in-Review and 2017 Outlook

Download the infographic here.

The DynamicAction Retail Index: Fall 2016

Retailers across the globe are slowly beginning to institute changes to increase operational efficiencies and protect profit margins, which could[...]