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Embracing the Change - Taking the Opportunity by the Horns: COVID-19


Ann Dale, our VP of Sales, North America, found inspiration in a video featuring Simon Sinek, "These Are Not Unprecedented Times". 

Ann’s take?     “Breathing room – Shelter in place has given us a little room to breathe, reassess, reflect; in our businesses and personally.  That’s one way to think about the tumultuous times we are experiencing.  Our day to day patterns have been not only disrupted, but literally have been shut down.  Who do we want to be when things ‘open up’?

In our businesses, we are no longer tethered to the decisions that ‘got us here’.  We’ve been given a gift - an opening to change.  Those who see this as an opportunity will thrive – those who don’t will be left behind. 

I vote THRIVE…"

We hope that you see the #silverlining as we continue on this journey of the “new normal.”