Case Study: Destination XL Leads Retail in Customer-Centric and Digital-First Transformation

Destination XL Group was able to pinpoint how to grow Customer Lifetime Value, acquire profitable customers, and quickly take action and analyze results.

To grow sales and profit, DXL knew it needed to shift to a customer-centric environment and develop a deep understanding of which customers, categories, products and brands were driving profitable customer acquisition and retention.

Learn how DXL was able to grow revenue from product recommendations and email by over 100% in 6 months, and generate 10% more profit from new customers in 12 months.

Destination XL store for customer case study

Read the case study for details on how DXL is using DynamicAction to grow profit and achieve a customer-centric transformation.

“It is not feasible for a retailer to have enough people on payroll to turn the mountains of data from every part of the organization into insight, to turn that insight into action and to make that action replicable and profitable. The answer in modern and future retailing will be a combination of data clarity, advanced technology solutions and human oversight that allows for fast, accurate and business driving decision making. The reality is: that future is here, and we are utilizing DynamicAction to elevate our team and our tech stack to transition to this customer-centric, digital and data-first retail model.”

Sahal Laher, Chief Digital Officer and CIO at DXL

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