Case Study: From Catalogue to Data-Driven Multi-Channel Success: Miles Kimball’s Transformation

Since 1935, the Miles Kimball Company has been a leader in the North American direct merchandise business but knew it needed to transform to a digitally-focused, data-empowered organization to keep its place at the top.

Learn how Miles Kimball empowered digitization across the business and identified data-backed opportunities to change processes and planning that will grow the digital channel as a percent of sales, while also increasing multichannel profitability and customer base.

product assortment from retailer Miles Kimball

Read the case study for details on Miles Kimball’s digital transformation and how the retailer identifies profit opportunities.

“DynamicAction has empowered our teams to be more effective with customer data via a precise profitable roadmap that offers vital insight, deep analysis and directional solutions to elevate our ‘gut feelings’ with data-backed expertise.”

Jennifer Heim, General Manager at Miles Kimball

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