“(DynamicAction) gives us the centerpiece, based in fact, of where we should focus. The kinds of things we need to do to increase profit or increase sales. We always come out of meetings with a very clear ‘here is what we’re going to go do about it.’ And I find that super valuable.”

Kevin Ertell, Retail Executive


Our customers are retailers from around the world who understand that reports and dashboards are no longer enough to adequately support their efforts to make plan and hit their targets, but they need a new control system for retail in order to be successful. Our customers focus on growth—but not as a trade-off for profit. They know that their customer is channel agnostic, researching, shopping and returning wherever and whenever they desire. They are capitalizing on that new reality to reach their goals using DynamicAction. Our customers make better decisions and take faster action using the most advanced solution for omnichannel, eCommerce and store retail analytics: DynamicAction.

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