Dallas Morning News: Can J.C. Penney get up to digital speed at its age?

Dallas News logo for commentary on retail data analyticsIndustry legend and Dallas Morning News business reporter, Maria Halkias, reached out to DynamicAction CMO Sarah Engel for commentary on J.C. Penney. Their conversation dove into the current retail shifts occurring, the need for retailers to have an established Amazon plan, specifically how DynamicAction works, and the focus of leading retailers on customer centricity & profitability through data understanding. For the article, Engel is quoted in this key excerpt:

“Retailers have to realize when they’re letting the customer down and “stop the broken promises,” said Sarah Engel, chief marketing officer at DynamicAction, a data analytics software company that tracks $9 billion of retail sales to find patterns and trends for its retail clients. Amazon and more recently Wal-Mart are daily shifting what customers expect, Engel said. “The consumer now owns the interaction, and the consumer is expecting change faster than many companies can innovate.” “We’ve gone from the days of the merchant prince to the merchant scientist. Merchants have to be data-led,” Engel said. “They’re the humans in the loop.””

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