Dallas Morning News: Irma Deals a Second Blow to Retailers, But Stores Show How They Can Help

Dallas News logo for commentary on retail data analyticsWhile the US is still feeling the effects from the latest natural disaster that continues to leave its mark, Dallas Morning News’ Maria Halkias penned a piece on how the back-to-back hurricanes a mere two weeks apart in two major retail markets have created an immense disruption to retail operations in a time when stores are trying to turn around their businesses.
Maria outreached to DynamicAction CMO, Sarah Engel, who offered some sage commentary as stores had to temoporarly shutter their stores:

“It’s absolutely the right thing to do. No one is thinking about buying a dress during these times. They’re trying to keep their families safe,” said Sarah Engel, chief marketing officer at DynamicAction.

While mall and store closings mean a financial hit, the industry has scored some points by showing how it’s part of the fabric of every community, Engel said. “Sure, the industry didn’t need this financial blow right now,” Engel said.

“But the industry has been stepping up, and it’s the neighborhood store that’s helping its neighbors.” Stores stayed open long enough to help customers prepare and closed early enough to let employees go home to take care of their own families, she said.

Now stores are working to ship to the markets pulling inventory in from other states to get to the areas that need it.  Through Harvey and Irma, retailers have sent the right message to their employees and their communities, Engel said. In Texas, San Antonio-based grocer H-E-B and Wal-Mart were aggressive with their relief efforts.

Despite the ongoing “death of the physical store” headlines that pop-up in our newsfeeds, as Sarah has clearly stated: “The relationships built between retailers and these communities is more clear than ever. Where you buy your groceries, where your kids go to the mall, where you get your supplies to prepare for these natural disasters… retail is entwined in the very fabric of these communities.”


Please read the full story here.
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