Your Days Transformed

Rather than waiting on reports—then analyzing to understand what happened last week and where you stand compared to target—DynamicAction delivers an immediate and customized summary so that every member of your merchandising team can materially impact the business by taking confident, connected actions faster.

  • Monday

    One Source of Truth

    The dreaded “Reporting Day.” A full day devoted to combining, combing and correlating the seemingly endless and disparate data sets that exist throughout retail organizations. In many cases, retailers are so bogged down in generating their reports for the week that Monday meetings are actually held on Tuesdays.

    DynamicAction brings sanity back to your Monday. We deliver instant access to your Monday reports and weekly KPIs first thing in the morning, by bringing together enterprise-wide data that is already connected into a single system. Now all departments can be looking at a single source of the truth and skip the pain of the endless report building.

    Address Quick Wins

    With your Mondays now freed up to act, DynamicAction customers have shifted to a world where Monday means understanding the previous week’s performance, along with concrete actions to take…all before lunch. Departments across the organization will have delivered to them a prioritized list of actions that can be taken immediately to ensure the business is running optimally. No longer are merchandisers and analysts spending their time trying to find out what needs adjustment. DynamicAction now pinpoints and prioritizes the right actions to take every single day.

  • Tuesday

    Setting Priorities. Getting To Action.

    Being able to get ahead of trends is the holy grail of online retailing. If products are selling out sooner than anticipated, why continue to invest in the marketing driving traffic to those products? If products are being returned in higher volume, why offer an email campaign highlighting those products? These are questions that are hard to get in front of so that time, money and opportunity isn’t wasted. DynamicAction, through its purpose built retail algorithms, surfaces to the user a distinct list of opportunities that can be acted upon before the opportunity passes. This gives the merchants, analysts, eCommerce directors and marketers time to make the right call before it’s too late.

  • Wednesday

    Task Management

    DynamicAction’s task creation wizard is the answer to gaining cross-departmental accountability and visibility into all of the items and changes that are in flight any given day. Opportunities surfaced by DynamicAction can be assigned within the system to merchandisers, marketers, eCommerce directors or executives to provide visibility into all the projects ongoing within the organization. Having a consolidated view of when tasks will begin, be completed and what collaboration is involved to accomplish each one keeps an open line of communication across the organization. Across the organization, teams are confident, knowing they are taking the right actions to move the business forward and create great customer experiences.

  • Thursday

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic discussions are almost always the first to make the chopping block by the end of the week. Teams have been consumed with reporting and trying to understand why performance changed in the previous week. They never have the time to focus on the larger initiatives. The weeks are too consumed trying to report the data, find issues and understanding why they occurred.

    DynamicAction gives not only prioritized actions, but the time to work through their quarterly objectives and initiatives. Now, teams are able to focus on the larger strategic needs - new customer acquisition, how to reach overarching business growth goals, and how to compete against new competitors that have entered the market.

  • Friday

    Strategic Review

    DynamicAction customers end their week with answers in-hand and action in progress. Not more question marks. From full reporting and prioritized actions on Mondays to collaborating on tasks and opportunities to increase revenue on Tuesday, retailers are not spending the week evaluating what happened in the week prior. They know not only the questions to ask, but the answers to those questions. And they can act faster on business-changing opportunities. Fridays are now optimal in that teams are able to review the progress for the week. They can feed back into DynamicAction what actions were taken, when they launched and how much revenue or profit they ultimately drove for the business. The self-learning system then continues to customize its profit- or revenue-ranked action recommendations to the retailer’s true success. Each day is more efficient and each week is exponentially more profitable.