Fueling Retail Systems with Intelligent, Flexible Automation

DynamicRecipes Overview
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DynamicRecipes [Exposure]

Cracking the Code of Digital Merchandise Sorting

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green hollow hex No Time for Manual Sorts

“Analyzing individual products daily and manually dragging items into new spots is time consuming, error prone and never exhaustive.”

DynamicRecipes [Exposure] provides proven and custom merchandising formulas that produce optimal sort orders in the product recommendation and presentation engines commonly found in Retail businesses. These recipe scores provide daily fuel for automated sorting applications or will dramatically improve manual merchandising efficiency.



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tuquoise hollow hex Missing Ingredients

“The top of our grids always feature best sellers and new arrivals. Our sorting has no awareness of profitability, inventory, fragmentation, acquisition drivers, returns, seasonality or reviews.”

DynamicRecipes [Exposure] can integrate and weights a full spectrum of retailers’ data, deploying 270+ metrics rooted with deep visibility into all of clients’ key business metrics.


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purple hollow hex Category Flexibility

“Our new arrivals page is much different than our sale page. Also, long consideration cycle categories differ significantly from short ones. We need to deploy different sort recipes by product or site category.”

DynamicRecipes [Exposure] allows Merchants to employ different recipes customized to the conditions particular to the categories they manage.

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blue hollow hex Objective Flexibility

“I can’t deploy a sort that drives a custom objective. For example, I want to focus on profit early in the season, clear overstocks mid-season and maximize demand/cash at season’s end.”

DynamicRecipes [Exposure] produces objective-based scores that influence automation engines, making it easy to pivot with agility between goals as business conditions and seasons change.






teal hollow hex Site Location Flexibility

“Beyond category grids, we also sort products in recommendation zones, search results, outfit curation and Google Shopping. We need an ability to automate sorting fuel across numerous customer touchpoints.”

DynamicRecipes [Exposure] can syndicate product scores to any retail edge application to optimize finite merchandising exposure.


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dk purple hollow hex Quick Start

“We don’t have the personnel resources to deploy a complicated solution. We needed a solution that every category manager and product owner could understand and use.”

DynamicRecipes’ [Exposure] allows retailers to instantly deploy configurable recipes that are engineered to optimize for the most pressing retail goals, including:

  • Profit
  • Demand
  • Clear Overstocks
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Limit Returns


Recipe Selection & Creation

Scored API Report Weighting & Automation
DR[E] workflow (3)

DynamicRecipe [Exposure] users can start with our recipe templates or jump straight into customizing or creating original exposure recipes, leveraging over 270 normalized metric ingredient scores, and configuring time horizons, rules & multipliers.

Individual recipe ingredient and recipe scores for all or a subset of products can be scheduled for retrieval via the DynamicAction Export API or emailed to any approved partner system or individual. Furthermore, ingredient and recipe scores can be transformed to match the required reference range of the edge systems. 

DynamicRecipes [Exposure] scores can be customized by applying different weighting values (multipliers) to component metric ingredient scores. This produces precise, objective-based sorting orders for edge systems to use on category grids, search results pages and recommendation zones.