Fueling Retail Systems with Intelligent, Flexible Automation

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DynamicRecipes [Customer]

Unified Customer Profiles and Rich Segmentation

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green hollow hex Nudge Campaigns

DynamicRecipes [Customer] provides scoring and audience identification that strengthen brand loyalty and drive additional purchase volumes by nudging customers into new category and brand purchases or activate cross channel purchasing behavior.



teal hollow hex Fast Track Campaigns

DynamicRecipes [Customer] provides scoring and audience identification that identify potential high value customers (demand or profit generators) and accelerate them on a path to VIP status.





purple hollow hex Complete Flexibility

DynamicRecipes [Customer] deploys customer segments and cohorts that enable marketers to select any of the pre-configured starter segments provided within each strategy. They can be used as is, or as the starting point for audience building logic that is bespoke to your organization.

tuquoise hollow hex Winback Campaigns

DynamicRecipes [Customer] provides scoring and audience identification of both lapsed and lapsing customers and the best products and channels to reactivate purchasing behavior.


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blue hollow hex Exclusion Campaigns

DynamicRecipes [Customer] provides scoring and audience identification that eliminate marketing and promotional spend on customers who are potentially abusing return policies or are historically unprofitable.


dk purple hollow hex Customer Segments

DynamicRecipes’ [Customer] allows retailers sophisticated and comprehensive categorization of their customer by behavior, including:

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Recipe Selection & Creation

Scored API Report Weighting & Automation
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DynamicRecipe [Customer] users can start with our recipe templates or jump straight into customizing or creating original customer recipes, leveraging over 270 normalized metric ingredient scores, and configuring time horizons, rules & multipliers.

Individual ingredients and scores for customer segments can be scheduled for retrieval via the DynamicAction Export API or emailed to any approved partner system or individual. Furthermore, ingredient and recipe scores can be transformed to match the required reference range of the edge systems. 

DynamicRecipes [Customer] scores can be customized by applying different weighting values (multipliers) to component metric ingredient scores. This produces precise, objective-based customer segmentation to automate email campaigns, display campaigns or feed your CDP and CRM systems.