Delivering 28% More Revenue and 43% More Gross Margin

4+ Data Feeds, 200+ Metrics, Deployed in 3 Weeks
Prioritized, Proactive Actions by Product Overlaid on your eCommerce Site


“Within the first minute of seeing DynamicView live on our site, it was instantly clear how our Merchant team will be driving more demand and gross margin every day. It’s extremely intuitive and amplifies our merchandising decisions like “boost and bury”. Simply put, DynamicView takes our digital business operations to a higher level by expanding the data, attributes, and metrics we need to increase revenue, profitability, stock turnover, and customer acquisition.” -  Mike Africa, SVP Commerce & Stores at Eddie Bauer


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Retail Analytics & Insights at Your Fingertips

insights at fingertips
  • Innovative overlay places sophisticated data analytics at the point of decision

  • Monitor new product launches, site changes and product performance

  • Identify products to feature in marketing and promotional campaigns

  • Browser extension delivery ensures immediate adoption and efficient execution across the organization

At-A-Glance Site Merchandising

  • Ensure strongest products are prioritized in
    Category & Search Results grid pages

  • Proprietary moneyball metrics & advanced retail algorithms clearly identify boost & bury candidates

  • Category peer performance fuels higher precision manual or semi-automated merchandising decisions



Immediate Actions by Product

Product Page
  • Daily insights on the performance of a product

  • Action Impact quantifies the estimated effect of changes in exposure, price and inventory changes for individual items
  • Merchants, Planners and Marketers gain a deep analysis of peer performance across each category


DynamicView_Edge Partnerships

Key Use Cases


  • Evaluate the health of category page sorts & assess product recommendation quality
  • Compare metrics versus a prior period or against peers
  • Evaluate action lift associated with price, availability and exposure changes

Executives & Finance

  • Rapid review of potential overstocks, pending dead stock, understocked products and end of season product liabilities
  • Quick reads on Marketing support needed to balance stock velocity
  • Early reads on new collection launches, seasonal placement, and line extension sell through

Marketing & Customer Insights

  • Evaluate success of new product launch
  • Optimize which product to feature in a campaign, promotion or email
  • Check product health signals before increasing bids or driving more traffic

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Delivering 28% More Revenue and 43% More Gross Margin


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“Implementation was very smooth. It was very easy. The team laid out everything very well, and they were very proactive as well with getting all the data. I thought everything was pretty perfect, honestly.” -  $5B Luxury Goods Retailer