Forbes: Nine Strategies To Help You Build Your Brand

Forbes Logo for DynamicAction retail data analysisDynamicAction CMO Sarah Engel was asked to contribute to the Forbes article Nine Strategies To Help You Build Your Brand, where she shared the four questions teams should ask before creating a campaign.

Key excerpts include:

“‘When telling the stories of retail transformation, companies must avoid the trap that so many fast-paced technology firms fall into — making campaigns about their own technology, or how smart they believe themselves to be — rather than creating campaigns that speak to the needs of the customers and the opportunities available to them when utilizing technology. In order to achieve this goal, we stop to ask ourselves before each campaign whether we have accomplished our own 4Ps. Pain points: Does it speak to the heart of our customer, based on what we know their most pressing challenges to be? Possibilities: Does it shift the conversation to be empowering, rather than sobering, and does it offer specific insights to help them overcome their pain points? Proof: How can we show, and not tell, using video content of our executive clients, named quotes, metric improvements or other benchmarks? Prevalence: Our technology requires a new way of thinking, a transformational mindset and a strong leader champion, which means consistently getting the right message to the correct prospects, at the right moment of consideration.’ – Sarah Engel, DynamicAction

Read the full article here.

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