Data Lake + AI Initiatives Accelerate
with Clean, Keyed, Quality-Assured Data 



Programmatically optimize partner-integrated solutions
Deliver dependable, trusted data steams modeled specifically for retail to your first and third party systems
Get more, faster, from retailing platforms supercharged with definitive metrics



Smart Data Lake

DynamicAction's high-speed, industry hardened and continuously-tested, retail-specific data model and ETL layer delivers clean, configured, keyed and standardized data, ensuring your data lake is robust, extensible and continuously quality-assured.



Personalization Automation

Your product recommendation engine can be informed of highly fragmented products, and set to automatically solve the resulting decline in profit-per-view by suppressing them until inventory across the SKU range is restored.



Customer Contact

Identify costly customers with lifetime negative profit stemming from promotion stacking, excessive return rates and other undesirable behaviors. Export this customer segment to your email system to eliminate or reduce promotional emails to these individuals.

A segment of customers show high propensity to buy full-price new arrivals. Export this customer list to your mobile messaging and/or remarketing vendor so texts alerting them of “VIP access” to preview a new line can be sent, keeping them engaged and enhancing the probability of additional full price purchases.



Online Merchandising

Set rules in your digital store sort order application to identify which SKUs are primed with sufficient stock and profit margin for maximum return on promotions. Sort by highest Profit per View where Review Rating is greater than 3, Weeks of Stock Cover is greater than 4 weeks, SKU Availability is greater than 60%, Conversion Rate is greater than 3% and Return Rate is less than 10%.



Competitive Pricing

Spur conversion rates by adding rules to decrease price by X% or to match competitive pricing. In your eCommerce platform, feed the "Selling + High Views + Low Conversion + High Price vs Competition" opportunity list into your eCommerce platform.



Data Lake Lifecycle@2x
export api
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