Case Study: International Retailer Corrects Discrepancies

Leading Global Retailer uses DynamicAction to uncover a $3.28 million discrepancy—the difference between missing plan and making it.

An international retailer, with a physical and online presence throughout EMEA, has cultivated a diverse breadth of product offerings that include technology, toys, books, clothing, home and more.

Merchants overseeing the home furniture category were left confused and frustrated when, despite having eCommerce reports showing the contrary, they consistently missed making plan.  The Online Web Trading Manager needed to dive into the cause for the disconnect. While much of the team had various theories, there was no method to definitively measure the real impact at a product or category level.

Understanding (in detail) the time lapse between a customer’s purchase in multiple indoor furnishing subcategories and their corresponding ship date proved vital to forecasting, hitting financial targets and making plan.


“Without DynamicAction, my advocacy for promotions to ensure timely payment collections would not have been effective, because I would not have been armed with the detailed data and analysis to prove the benefit to our business.”

Online Trading Manager

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