2018 Merchandising Manual

This is a retailer’s guidebook to getting started with data-driven merchandising, so you can start thinking about how a data-led approach can empower you and your team to meet KPI goals and improve profitability with every action you take.

Get started with the foundational aspects of Data-driven Merchandising including:

  • 24 strategic questions to ask about inventory, returns, operations, marketing, pricing and customers — Predict the questions top executives will be asking, and be prepared with solid, data-backed answers.
  • 6 key performance metrics to measure effectiveness — Learn which metrics are newly important to focus on — and how to get them.
  • 4 benchmarks of top-performing merchandising teams—See where your team compares.
  • 4 trends driving change in traditional merchandising—Understand how to perfect the art of merchandising, while embracing the science.

From the top trends that merchants must embrace in the year ahead, to the newest metrics by which retail success will be measured, this is your guidebook for making 2018 the best year of your career.

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