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In countless hours we have spent with retail CIOs and senior executives, they all express some variant of the same challenge: “We want to digitally transform, but we’re not sure what that looks like or how to get there.” We invite you to meet with us to discuss retail transformation, review new benchmarks specific to large retailers, and come away with practical next steps.

Internet Retailing: The Path to Customer Centricity

Almost all retailers are talking about transformation in their business, but their approaches are alarmingly inconsistent: multichannel, omnichannel, data-driven, mobile-first, digitally-led, customer-centric, and more. In many cases it's just a veneer — transformation on the outside — but scratch beneath the surface, and not much has changed. The reality of managing a truly customer-centric [...]

Total Retail: What a YTD Analysis of Consumer Transactions Tell Us

According to the DynamicAction Retail Index: Spring 2018, an in-depth analysis of over $8 billion in consumer transactions in the U.S. and Europe from January through Memorial Day 2018, North American consumers this year were not only increasingly shopping — and buying at full price — on their mobile devices, but also equating nearly every major or minor holiday with sales, expecting [...]

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