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Bloomberg: Free Shipping Becomes a Blessing and Curse at Amazon and Target

DynamicAction metrics and directional findings are featured in Bloomberg's article, "Free Shipping Becomes a Blessing and Curse at Amazon and Target." According to the DynamicAction Retail Index: Pre-Thanksgiving Outlook 2018, orders with the free shipping included have risen 13 percent so far this year through November 16, including an 18 percent spike in the week that began November 5, when [...]

WWD: Fashion Makes the Most of Data War

Coming off Chanel's announcement last week that it would transition its wholesale business into a concession model, Fashion Makes the Most of Data War highlights that this shift more than gives Chanel the ability to directly control their image, but really allows them to control their customer data – thus a deeper understanding and connection to their end shopper.

WWD: How Do You Find the Customers That Matter?

Accenture’s Senior Managing Director and Head of Retail, Jill Standish, penned an article for Women’s Wear Daily titled, "How Do You Find the Customers That Matter?" The piece discusses how retailers can harness their data to meet customers’ evolving expectations and continue growth and includes findings from the most recent DynamicAction Retail Index.

WWD: Myths and Realities of Your Most Valuable Customers

“Describe your most valuable customer.” Even the most savvy executives will tout metrics surrounding recency of purchase or loyalty status — closely followed by frequency of purchase. “Yes, but who is your most profitable customer?” Suddenly the “greatest of all time” is much more challenging to pinpoint.

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