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action at the speed of Amazon

Retail’s fastest path to connected, profitable decisions at every click and each brick

What is DynamicAction?

DynamicAction is the most advanced retail analytics solution specifically built to enable eCommerce, store and omnichannel teams to take action at the speed of Amazon.

Leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan declared that, “DynamicAction has Moneyballed retail. There’s a new way to run retail organizations—with a clear understanding of data and immediate actions to improve performance.”

  • Computer screen displaying DynamicAction retail analytics software with customer data from stores, ecommerce and omnichannel
  • Computer screen showing retail analytics software with product affinities for across ecommerce, stores, and omnichannel
  • Computer screen displaying retail analytics software with customer activity, purchase and lapse data from stores, omnichannel and ecommerce
  • Computer screen showing one view of retail profit across all channels

Retail Analytics with Powerful reporting and Profitable action.

Rather than spending days collecting information and trying to understand what happened last week, DynamicAction offers an immediate and comprehensive summary so that your digital and omnichannel retail merchandising team can materially impact the business by taking confident, connected actions faster.

colorful graph comparison of a merchandising work week with DynamicAction retail analytics



2018 Retail Executive Playbook

Understand the new decision framework and award-winning innovation that empowers data-driven retailers to interpret complex data, problem-solve and identify profitable action plans in real-time.

2018 Merchandising Manual

Learn which metrics are newly important to focus on and how to get them. Predict the questions top executives will be asking, and be prepared with solid, data-backed answers. Download the guide today.

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