Case Study: Specialty Clothier Identifies $2.3 Million in Sales Opportunity

With DynamicAction, the retailer reduced “analysis paralysis” and modified their purchase plans on core product categories to better meet demand.

One of the oldest apparel clothiers in the US, the specialty retailer featured in this case study has over 300 stores, worldwide distribution, and a strong online presence. The company has ambitious growth plans that focus on their digital channels as well as expanding into new markets.

Though the retailer could find places where they were spending resources and not getting results, it was difficult for them to identify areas where they weren’t focusing but had the potential for positive results. The retailer wanted to have a full picture of their business—across merchandising, marketing, operations and finance—so they could easily focus their teams and grow more quickly. In particular, they were eager to avoid the analysis paralysis caused when investigating drops or spikes in performance.

Using DynamicAction retail data analytics, the retailer was able to identify $2.3 million in sales opportunity, collaborate across teams to reduce analysis paralysis, and modify their purchase plans on core product categories to better meet demand.

striped women's shirts in store for retail data analytics case study

Download the retail case study to see how this specialty clothier connected their existing data to uncover major profit opportunities.

“The amount of insight DynamicAction presented was beyond any other tool I’ve used to date. It correctly addressed the major pain points that we have, primarily view availability. It also gave us insight into products with potential for further growth.”

Former VP of Direct

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