DynamicAction Adds Affinities Feature To Help Retailers Curb Discounting

Retail TouchPoints logo for retail analyticsRetail TouchPoints featured DynamicAction’s new Affinities product capabilities in an article on ways in which retailers can curb their promotional and markdown usage this spring.

Key excerpt:

“With this feature, brands can discover which combination of products, promotions and customer profiles most frequently drive purchases, and pinpoint key opportunities to optimize their merchandising strategies.

Additionally, retailers can use the capabilities to:

  • Gain access to AI-driven insights on inventory, profitability and likelihood that products, brands and categories will be purchased in isolation;

  • Reduce the inherent bias towards cross-promoting best sellers, which often will sell through individually without promotion;

  • Make decisions on pairing unique items together in a promotion, a product recommendation or an email campaign based on both revenue and profit impact.”

Read the full article here.

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