RetailWire: Retailers Target Ways to Boost Post-Cyber Week Sales

retailwire-logoDynamicAction CMO, Sarah Engel, took part in a RetailWire webinar, Cyber Week Debriefing: How is the online holiday shopping season shaping up? It’s available on-demand here.

During the webinar, Sarah shared insight and trends from our latest DynamicAction Retail Index: Holiday 2017, and RetailWire released a further article around the discussions, which features key commentary around customer profitability and affinities.

Please find a key excerpt below:

“Ms. Engel added that there are specific overlooked customer segments perfect for targeting in this timeframe.

‘A lot of time we see the retailers are focused either on brand new customer acquisition or their most loyal customers, and there is a big middle ground there,’ said Ms. Engel.

Ms. Engel suggested developing campaigns aimed at two-to-five time buyers, who, according to DynamicAction research, drive 13 percent more profit per-order than 11-plus time buyers.

‘If you’re looking at how many times a person has purchased … you can do some more targeted campaigns that are very specific to those kinds of brands and affinities, and what tends to take that two-time buyer and turns them into a three-time buyer,’ said Ms. Engel.”

The full article is available here.

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