Empowering Every Role

Prescriptive Analytics that Connects Multiple Organizational Roles and Departments 

  • Out-of-the-box answers to the questions I should be asking and my team should be able to answer
  • Clarity and alignment as to where the biggest opportunities and issues lie
  • One source of truth on data and profitability, the products we already have in stock, and our customers’ experience at the core of our decision making
  • Immediate answers to why things have changed
  • Quick wins and prioritized opportunities to increase sell-through velocity, modify pricing, adjust on-site product exposure, increase conversion, and enhance product presentation
  • A common platform to coordinate actions across all of the departments that can positively influence business result
  • Quick wins and prioritized opportunities to make stock level adjustments, alter purchase order timing, re-balance inventory, plan category ranges, and plan future buys
  • Automated feedback and discussion points for suppliers
  • An understanding of how to maintain my pricing and avoid markdowns earlier in the season
  • Increased staying power on margin
  • Prioritized opportunities for products that require more or less marketing exposure
  • View into which campaigns require altered marketing spend, landing page content or description to reinforce the merchandising strategy
  • Merchant alignment on rationale for exposure change (inventory levels, likelihood to sell through, halo effect, profitability, contribution to becoming a high value customer, etc.)
  • Conversations to help drive alignment for inventory and future marketing content
Operations & Logisitics
  • Perspective on overall operations: how late shipments, warehouse cancellations and damaged items impact returns and customer retention
  • An understanding of shipping profitability
  • Merchant alignment on post-order (declines, shipping, cancellations, returns, etc.) optimizations
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