September 12-14, 2018 | Las Vegas is changing how retailers, vendors and anyone in the business of innovation comes together to win for the consumer. Hosted by the National Retail Federation, is leading the charge in revolutionizing retail — bringing together the titans of the industry that are driving the digital transformation of their businesses to redesign the customer experience.

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The retail industry is challenged with the shifting economics of omnichannel, the complexities of consumer behavior, increased operating costs, declining store performance and “the Amazon Effect.” ​This new retail reality demands a new operating mindset that is data-led and customer-guided in order to compete and grow profitably. ​

86% of retail organizations have adopted or plan to adopt a “digital first” business strategy. ​However, according to recent study by Oxford Economics, only 3% of retailers have completed company-wide digital transformation projects, proving the complexity of making true business transformation a reality.

In countless hours we have spent with retail CIOs and senior executives, they all express some variant of the same challenge: “We want to digitally transform, but we’re not sure what that looks like or how to get there.”

It’s more than just purchasing new technology or jumping on the latest retail trend.

We’re helping the most innovative, forward-thinking retailers across the globe drive organizational change across their businesses and transform to a true customer-centric operating model.

Request an advisory meeting with DynamicAction at on September 12, 13 or 14 to discuss insights from transformation strategies that we see retailers successfully implementing to achieve data-led, digital-first operations.

  • Understand the detail of building a transformation roadmap and learn why retailers are selecting DynamicAction to spearhead their digital-first initiatives.
  • Hear how they are leveraging the solution to realign their organizations on profitability and growth KPIs – like Destination XL, a 350+ store, omni-retailer that is now on track to grow revenue from product recommendations and email by over 100% and boost profit from new customers by 10%.

National Retail Federation named DynamicAction’s 2017 Digital Commerce Startup of the Year for being the startup most able to “significantly improve or radically alter how retailing is done.” And Coresight Research (formerly Fung Global Retail Tech), ZD Net and Forrester Research all recommend DynamicAction as a top vendor for enabling digital transformation in retail.

We look forward to discussing how we can help your organization drive change and profitable growth in 2019 and beyond!

We invite you to fill out the form below to request an advisory meeting in our VIP suite. Discuss retail transformation with our experts, review new benchmarks specific to large retailers, and come away with practical next steps.

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