Summarize Your Business

How are we performing?

All of the data, metrics and visualizations vital to understanding the health of your retail operation in every channel is in one place. No more digging through reports to understand where you stand in achieving your goals. DynamicAction retail analytics solution provides one convenient, connected, single source of the truth to drive faster, more profitable decisions across all channels of your retail organization.

Identify Opportunities

What should we focus on?


Our automated insights identify and alert you to the opportunities on which to focus in any channel.

“The amount of insight DynamicAction presented was beyond any other tool I’ve used to date. It correctly addressed the major pain points that we have… Gave us insight into products with potential for further growth.”

VP Direct, Brooks Brothers

Prioritize Opportunities

Where do we need to focus?

DynamicAction recommends actions and predicts the financial implications, in the form of profit and revenue to your business, of taking prescribed actions. The result? A prioritized set of action candidates.


How do we collaborate?

Some actions require involvement from multiple teams. Task creation, assignment, scheduling, alerts, commentary and activity trails ensure work is coordinated and plans stay on schedule.

Take Prescribed Action

What actions should we take?

DynamicAction retail analytics software not only identifies and prioritizes opportunities, it provides actions to take to improve performance. Product sales, promotion effectiveness, customer campaigns, inventory distribution, returns management—all have recommended actions for maximum performance.

Analyze Data

How do we dig deeper?

DynamicAction is not a black box. The solution allows users to drill into the metrics and even specific data sources on product, promotions, returns… right down to the individual SKU or customer level. This type of transparency is needed to act confidently and drive your business forward.