Leverage Your Data

Not only does DynamicAction connect your data and transform it, we export the perfected data and metrics to elevate your entire your tech stack.

The single source of data created by connecting and transforming previously independent data stores is the DynamicAction foundation. This unified data unveils new opportunities that drive growth and profit. As the wins mount, you will develop an increased level of trust on the data and your vendor partners that leverage its use.

Our team of experienced employees works hand-in-hand with retailer teams to manage and facilitate the process of data integration at every stage. Additionally, to accelerate the implementation of your data into the DynamicAction solution, we leverage pre-built data connectors that fetch and transform data for you.

DynamicAction does more than ingest and transform your retail data. With the DynamicAction Export API, you can programmatically elevate partner-integrated solutions and systems utilizing hundreds of fields and metrics automatically provided by DynamicAction. Paid search, promotions, digital content, display, email, affiliate programs, pricing, inventory and many other retailing platforms will simply perform better and faster. The Export API allows DynamicAction clients and client partners to directly access standard and custom feeds from DynamicAction.

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