Stores: DynamicAction Lets Retailers React at the ‘Speed of Amazon’

STORES Magazine logoSusan Reda with Stores, published by the National Retail Federation, covered DynamicAction in her recent article, DynamicAction lets retailers react at the ‘speed of Amazon’.

DynamicAction CEO and Co-Founder John Squire was quoted regarding the necessity of intelligent tech solutions for retailers now and in the future.

The data just keeps coming at us and consumers seem more challenging than ever to satisfy. And looking ahead two or three years, there’s no reason for us to believe that shoppers will want any less, or that the terabytes of data will slow down.

The economics of retail are not going to be easier. They’re only going to get harder….next-generation retail is going to need to have more and more technology that helps people orchestrate both the machines and the decisions that they’re going to use to create a meaningful and memorable customer experience.

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