Sean Moran

Senior Vice President of North America

Sean brings more than 20 years of retail industry experience as a versatile go-to-market executive who tailors SaaS platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) and scalable real-time solutions for the global retail industry. Applying expertise in business strategy, emerging technologies, merchandising and operations, he creates enormous business value by discovering unique solutions for new and existing customers to core challenges in their businesses.

Prior to DynamicAction, Sean served as Chief Revenue Officer at Curbside, where he was responsible for overseeing sales and marketing activities for the growing company’s customer-centric retail technology platform. Prior to his time at Curbside, Moran held senior executive positions at several innovative retail solution providers, including Reflektion, Monsoon Commerce, Technicolor, Accenture and more.

Sean holds a BS in Physics and Humanities Honors from Stanford University and taught A-level college physics for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer.

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