42% Increase in New Customer Orders via Strategic Product Promotion

42% Increase in New Customer Orders via Strategic Product Promotion


A North American sportswear business with a well-established global footprint achieved a 42% increase in new customer orders over the previous week, while increasing site visits, orders and demand. Their success came from zeroing in on the growing demand for comfortable clothes and distraction shopping while consumers are stuck at home. Their marketing push paired within the trending active and loungewear categories that DynamicAction identified as top performers in driving new customer acquisition. The robust social marketing also emphasized support and solidarity while offering free indoor wellness content via their app. 


  • Win new customers by promoting trending products/categories
  • Protect margins by controlling Marketing Cost per Order
  • Determine campaign length by Weeks of Cover and SKU Availability 
  • Avoid promoting products that are not available for re-order
  • Incorporate Customer Lifetime Value of the target cohort when assessing ROI


  • Launched products in trending category, active and loungewear
  • Empathetic and supportive social media
  • Published free indoor wellness content


  • 42% WoW increase in new customer orders
  • 40% WoW increase in site visits and orders
  • 7% WoW incremental increase in demand


  • The Dynamic Action platform offers multi-dimensional layered analysis, enabling a complete view of product performance
    • Connect drivers of Demand, Margin and Customer
    • Quickly pivot to view the business through the lens of overall profit
    • Enable a view of customer profitability
    • Drive in-season action and inform future season planning via algorithmically connected KPI’s