What Data Can Tell Retailers About Reaching Their Goals: US Department of Commerce Getting to Global Video Series

Testing new markets; understanding customers, products, and profit; international expansion; and the 24/7 promotional reality of retail

The US Department of Commerce recently interviewed DynamicAction leadership during NRF’s Shop.org 2016 Summit for their ‘Getting to Global’ series. John Squire, DynamicAction CEO, and Sarah Engel, CMO, shared essential truths around how retailers can reach their goals and thrive by effectively utilizing their data. Out of this interview, 3 separate videos have been created where John and Sarah discuss various topics including testing new markets; understanding customers, products, and profit; international expansion and the 24/7 promotional reality of retail.

Video 1: Covers the DynamicAction Retail Index; customer acquisition and conversion; Amazon; understanding customer data and avoidance of markdowns/promos; multi-national pricing; experiential retail (in-store and online); and the DynamicAction Retail Responds philanthropy initiative.

Video 2: Covers DynamicAction description and key differentiators, retail pricing; data sets; and retailers launching in new markets (Europe-to-US, and US-to-the world).

Video 3: Covers building a retail organization for international expansion; brand and tech alignment in various markets; and cultural identity and product differentiation in various markets.

Nine West found $5.7M in potential profit within the first 4 months of using DynamicAction. “Our partnership with DynamicAction has yielded nearly 15 times return on investment. This solution embodies the art of the possible, blended with the science of technology to deliver one version of the truth.” –Monica SchwartzEVP E-commerce, Nine West Holdings, Inc. Read the case study.