Retailers using DynamicAction experience an average YoY profit growth of 21%. *

Advanced prescriptive analytics for retail success in every channel is not wishful thinking. DynamicAction prescriptive analytics automatically creates an environment where data spanning the organization is scientifically considered using algorithms written by world-class data scientists and retail experts. Our technology identifies disconnects across the data sets and organization, prescribes specific actions to take to solve those disconnects, and prioritizes them by financial impact to your business.

At the intersection of data science and your customer is the merchandising team with experience, intuition, judgement and empathy, which remains critical to many core business decisions. But it’s now time to empower them with data driven answers to questions such as: Given inventory levels, conversion, profitability, review ratings, time on site, fragmentation, and competition, for which items do we need to consider a price reduction?

* DynamicAction customers’ YoY profit growth, for those with YoY data available, August 2014 over August 2013.
** Across peak season 2015

DynamicAction retailers improved product profit per view by 17% **
  • "DynamicAction is a product that looks at the data, tells us how to analyze it, and then makes recommendations of what to do. It really eliminates the need for a lot of the steps that we were taking and makes sure we are actually thinking about the most important data, driving the most important insights, and prioritizing the most powerful profit actions as a result of it. DynamicAction makes it almost idiot-proof for us to be successful with data."

    Ken Seiff Former EVP, Direct and Omnichannel

How will DynamicAction prescriptive analytics impact me?

DynamicAction focuses on the merchandisers’ most pressing needs, while presenting opportunities and prescriptive analytics that connect multiple organizational roles and departments.

DynamicAction gives me...

DynamicAction gives me...

  • Immediate answers to why things have changed.
  • Quick wins and prioritized opportunities to increase sell-through velocity, modify pricing, adjust on-site product exposure, increase conversion, and enhance product presentation.
  • A common platform to coordinate actions across all of the departments that can positively influence business results.
DynamicAction gives me...

DynamicAction gives me...

  • The tools my merchandising and eCommerce teams need to make more accurate decisions that drive more profit.
  • Out-of-the-box answers to the questions I should be asking and my team should be able to answer.
  • Clarity and alignment as to where the biggest opportunities and issues lie.
  • Certainty that my merchandising team is working on the most profitable actions and not focused on those with little or no impact to the bottom line.
  • One source of truth on data and profitability, the products we already have in stock, and our customers’ experience at the core of our decision making.
DynamicAction gives me...

DynamicAction gives me...

  • Quick wins and prioritized opportunities to make stock level adjustments, alter purchase order timing, re-balance inventory, plan category ranges, and plan future buys.
  • Automated feedback and discussion points for suppliers.
  • Common language to discuss budgets, inventory, pricing, product lines, etc with merchants.
  • An understanding of how to maintain my pricing and avoid markdowns earlier in the season.
  • Increased staying power on margin.
DynamicAction gives me...

DynamicAction gives me...

  • Prioritized opportunities for products that require more or less marketing exposure.
  • View into which campaigns require altered marketing spend, landing page content or description to reinforce the merchandising strategy.
  • Merchant alignment on rationale for exposure change (inventory levels, likelihood to sell through, halo effect, profitability, contribution to becoming a high value customer, etc.)
  • Conversations to help drive alignment for inventory and future marketing content.
DynamicAction gives me...

DynamicAction gives me...

  • Perspective on overall operations: how late shipments, warehouse cancellations and damaged items impact returns and customer retention.
  • An understanding of shipping profitability.
  • Merchant alignment on post-order (declines, shipping, cancellations, returns, etc.) optimizations.
DynamicAction gives me...

DynamicAction gives me...

  • View into which products require more or less visibility by key customer segments.
  • Product-specific impact on new and repeat customers.
  • Prioritized opportunities for customer contact and merchant alignment on what to offer them.

How does DynamicAction compare?

DynamicAction is a prescriptive analytics solution built specifically for ecommerce, store and omnichannel retail teams. It offers out-of-the-box metrics and data connections across the retail enterprise. Most importantly, it gives retailers insight on their connected data, powering profitable shifts in strategy and alerting teams to opportunities ranked by value to the business. Maybe you’re wondering how DynamicAction compares to other data and retail analytics technologies you are already invested in. DynamicAction prescriptive analytics does the following:

    • Complements and elevates business intelligence investments
    • Provides insights for large-scale retail transformations
    • Reveals the full picture beyond web analytics
    • Enhances the power of statistical software
    • Allows retailers to capitalize on their data in ways previously only done by Amazon

We deliver sophisticated metrics and prescriptive analytics for fast action.

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